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Police officers interested in learning more about setting up police-youth programs funded by ProAction, please click here >>

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Grant Application Update for Toronto Police

Please note that a few things have changed in our grant application process:

Click here to view the revised Toronto Grant Forms.

** News Flash ** Are you running a skating program for your kids?

Go to Skate to Great websiteIf any of the kids in your hockey or skating program need new or gently used skates, helmets or other hockey equipment, we suggest you check out the Skate to Great website.

Skate to To Great is a not-for-profit organization that pairs up new and used donated figure skates and hockey equipment with deserving children and at-risk youth. Email them at breaktheice@skatetogreat.org.

Forms Packages

ProAction Cops & Kids is a charity that provides funding for police-youth programs in Toronto, Hamilton and Durham Region. Police officers looking for more information and application forms, please click the appropriate link:

Toronto Forms
Durham Forms
Hamilton Forms

How to Apply

ProAction Cops & Kids encourages and supports police officers engaging youth in their community by developing programs directed to address their specific needs.

Officers are encouraged to share their passions with youth, whether it is basketball, painting, drumming or car restoration. Exposing youth to new activities enriches their experience and your enthusiasm will be contagious.

Officers who are interested in applying for a grant are encouraged to review ProAction’s criteria and reporting requirements. Please feel free to contact us with questions or visit our Best Practices page.

When you are satisfied that your program meets criteria, please submit an application form. The application should have as much detail as possible – feel free to add attachments if you like. The more information on your program we have, the faster our Grants Committee can come to a decision.

Grant requests are forwarded by the submitting officer to ProAction’s Police Liaison in your police service. Once our Police Liaison ensures that the program meets ProAction criteria, the application is forwarded to ProAction for consideration. Although the ProAction Grants Committee can generally review and decide on grant requests within 3 weeks, application must be submitted at least one month before the money is needed.

After you have been notified of the Grants Committee’s decision, you will be notified by writing of the decision and a cheque will be made available.

Program Criteria

ProAction staff and volunteer members of the Grants Committee review each application to ensure the program meets our mission. Your application will be reviewed first by our Police Liaison for your police services prior to being reviewed by ProAction.

ProAction supports programs for police officers interacting with:

For more information on our programs and how to apply for a grant, please contact our Grant Coordinator Neelofer Samaroo at neelofer@copsandkids.ca, or (416) 222-7011.