ProAction is pleased to announce the opening of our newest Chapter in the Niagara Region in early 2015. ProAction works with the Niagara Regional Police Service to fund programs, benefiting local youth and police.


Student Inter-school Film Festival

Students’ ROCK

Medeba Adventure Camp

Student Inter-school Film Festival 2

PACE – Police and Community Engagement

Niagara Life Skills Culinary Program

Students Rock

Niagara Region Featured Program

The Students Rock program is a three month program that engages schools, youth and officers from across Niagara Region in a friendly guitar competition.

Students from both the Public and Catholic District School Boards are paired one-on-one with a police officer who mentors and supports the youth as they practice and improve their guitar playing skills. Each youth chooses a rock song and practices the guitar lead in preparation for playing this song with a full band at the Scotiabank Convention Centre.

Although many of the participants have some musical experience, few would ever have the opportunity to play in a venue such as the Scotiabank Centre in front of a live and sizeable audience. Each participant is cheered on by their schoolmates, family and friends as they share their talents and passion for music. A panel of judge’s including local musical talent, radio hosts and senior police officers have the challenging task of selecting a winner of the competition who takes home a trophy.

The program does not stop at the guitar competition. The relationships that officers are able to build with the youth through their one-on-one mentorship continues beyond the program. The love for playing music that is instilled in the participants often leads to other performance opportunities that showcase their talent and ProAction programs.

Thanks to the support of the Sleep Cheap Charities Reap initiative, this valuable program has helped kids to play great music for the past two years in Niagara Region.