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Niagara Region Chapter

  1. Requests should be submitted at least TWO MONTHS in advance of when program funding is needed– It takes one month to receive, review, deliberate, approve or decline funding and have a cheque issued to Niagara Regional Police Service – Finance Department.
  2. Fill out the application to its entirety and submit the application to Sgt. Rich Gadreau. Niagara Regional Police Service – ProAction’s Police Liaison.
  3. After review, the Niagara Police Liaison will forward the application to ProAction. The application will then be processed and sent to the Grants Committee for review.
  4. Applicants will be notified by email if the Application has been Approved or Declined and a cheque will generally be issued to Niagara Regional Police Service – Finance Department within a month of receiving the application.
  1. Applicants must be an officer of the Niagara Regional Police Service and the youth must reside within the Niagara Region.
  2. Programs must be developed, managed and driven by officers. Police officers may partner with community agencies or schools who may provide administrative support, referrals to youth, etc. If a program is initiated by a school or community agency with fundraising capacity and run by the police, ProAction will consider matching the funds provided by the school or community agency.  Funds eligible for matching grants exclude in-kind donations (i.e. facilities, salaries, honourariums, etc.)
  3. Programs must influence youth who are at risk, in the short or long term, from developing an undesirable lifestyle and help to promote pro-social attitudes through skills development, positive social interaction, mentoring, etc.
  4. ProAction funds programs that take place within the province of Ontario.
  5. Grants may cover costs such as facility rentals, equipment, snacks, awards, materials, and fees for youth and Niagara Police officers to take part in programs.  ProAction does not normally fund salaries, honourariums, administration, or compensation for individuals – police or civilian. Capital equipment funding will only be considered for programs clearly initiated and managed by officers and where the equipment will remain property of the police.
  6. Police-initiated one-day events (i.e. Division picnics, open houses, etc.) are normally eligible for up to $1000 in funding.

Program officers must complete & forward a copy of the program report with all receipts as well as digital photographs (with release forms), any media coverage of the program and a refund, if applicable, to ProAction within one month of the program end date  Please note that consideration for future funding will depend on the timely submission of program reports.


Neelofer Samaroo - Program Manager ProAction Cops & Kids - 40 College Street, 6th Floor, Toronto, ON   M5G 2J3 Tel. 416-222-7011