Houriyah participates in the Gerrard Sports Bazaar program where 55 Division Officers teach youth ball hockey and flag football drills. During the games, Houriyah and her fellow peers are able to develop sportsmanship and teamwork skills and a positive relationship with officers in a fun, safe environment.

When Houriyah first started the program, she was shy but soon came out of her shell and became very friendly, especially to new youth who joined the program. Below is a quote from Houriyah.

“My parents were born and raised in Canada but moved to Iran for work.  I was born and raised in Iran. Last year my dad retired and wanted me to be raised in Canada where it is safer and there are more opportunities for female youths. Upon coming to Canada in June 2016 and registering with Roden Public School for Grade 8, my teacher, Mr. Lam contacted me about the opportunity to join the Gerrard Sports Bazaar ProAction Program.  I was very excited to meet with Toronto Police officers and get to try football. My first day with the program was amazing.  I got to meet other youths my age, and learn a new sport.  I made new friends including police officers. Police officer Adam was very nice and he taught how to throw and catch a football.  In Iran they don’t know what football is, so this was an awesome and fun opportunity for me. Coming to a new school and new country was scary and made me nervous but after meeting the police officers and other youth my age through the made it easier for me and I am having so much fun.  I get excited for every Tuesday to see Officer Adam and my new friends from 55 Division.”

Youth Leader