Guiding kids

Guiding kids

to a brighter future


At ProAction Cops & Kids, we believe that establishing a positive relationship between cops and kids at risk will strengthen our community today and for the future.  By funding programs that bring cops and kids together, we help create an environment of mutual understanding and respect.  Connections between police and kids are made with a view to increasing community safety while supporting young people to reach their full potential.

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A Grand day of Golf

September 18

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TPS - Marine Unit CORP Program
Being able to afford and participate in recreational programs can be a challenge among new Canadians. Many of the youth participating in ProAction programs are new to Canada, live in impoverished... Read More
Organized by Niagara Regional Police Officers Phil Gavin and Jack Warner, 19 Niagara area high school students showcased their guitar chops at the Scotiabank Convention Centre in the MUSIC! Not... Read More

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PC Joe Mullally and other officers from 11 Division ran a co-ed basketball program out of the Swansea Community Center every Saturday for 9 months where youth learned basketball skills through...

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Submission deadline is January 27, 2017 Please click on your respective link below for more details and to download nomination forms

PC Mary MacNaughton and other officers from 51 Division ran a girls fitness group, Girls Fit Club where they mentored girls about proper nutrition and benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

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